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We have 14 years experience in foundation work, repiling underpinning and repairing all foundation faults. We will work to get all jobs completed in a timely and competent manner, whilst keeping the customer informed along the way. We undertake all council applications and engineering work where needed and work effectively to meet all deadlines. From cracking foundations, concrete repair work, complete home repiling and the repair of subsiding or un-level properties and Zipp level Surveys, call us we can help.


We also guarantee all our foundation work



Repiling is the replacement of rotted or defective piles and/or concrete footings, which can cause structural damage to your home. Repiling may include a complete re-levelling of the floor area, which can require the replacement of subfloor timber, floorboards and the readjustment of the house ( very important when renovating ).




Underpinning is the restrengthening of footings under block walls to ensure that the buildings footings are stabilised. Concrete Slab Foundation Repair (Underpinning) is the process of installing drilled or solid concrete re-enforced foundations to repair and strengthen any failed foundations. When the new concrete foundations/pillars have hardened the home can then be specially leveled to an independent engineers specifications where required, doors will become unjammed and windows will un-stick and the home will not move any further. 



Cracking in your ceiling paint? Cracking in the concrete around your exterior foundations? You may simply need a quick repair job or an underpin. We provide quick onsite inspections to give you a clear and concise idea of what foundations issues are causing your property damage. There is always natural settlement in all homes foundations over time, however with increased rainfall and hotter summers, many NZ buildings are experiencing foundation problems, which if not attended to quickly, can amount into more repair work in the future. We can provide a quick onsite inspections for free, to give you a good understanding of what's needed to secure and repair your homes foundations. 



Sometimes in addition to the foundation repair, underpin or repile job, we may recommend you need subsoil drainage to remove any excess water from under your property and to also help keep your remaining foundations in good load bearing order. We can recommend a well organised plan to prevent the problem from re-occurring in the future.



Where required, we will advise that a council building consent is required for the work, if there is work which is out of our scope of expertise, we will work with our trusted sub-contractors to work out a solution for you. We liaise with Watercare, Council inspectors, Engineers and Geotechnical engineers, or other specialty contractors to complete the job successfully, on-time to obtain your CCC.

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