Access Foundations can complete any scale retaining and bridge footing job and have completed jobs where space is limited. If you're needing retaining walls repaired or replaced in tight and confined areas, or need deep excavated footings to bridge public utilities give us a call.




Council and watercare often require specialized designs when building in close proximity to public utilities such as stormwater pipes and sewer lines. Bridging is the process of creating a foundation that spreads the load of a structure over stormwater or wastewater pipes. Watercare need bridging footings to be excavated deeper than .05 metes below the utility being bridged over or built in close proximity of in many cases. In many instances this is greater than 3-5 metres. Access Foundations can complete any multitude of jobs to engineered specifications and will liaise with watercare, council, geotechicians and engineers to complete your job successfully. We use industry leading techniques to complete jobs in confined spaces where machinery access is limited - there is rarely a job we cannot tackle. If you need bridge footings installed under an existing dwelling call us today.

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We can complete most retaining jobs where engineered plans are available. Tight and confined spaces are our specialty and if there is limited access then we can help. When repairing or replacing existing retaining walls, specifically where a house has been built after the retaining has been installed, access for machinery such as augers, diggers and/or pile drivers is just not an option. We use leading edge excavation techniques that are cost effective, tidy and swift to get the job completed to council approval

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Where required, we will advise that a council building consent is required for the work, if there is work which is out of our scope of expertise, we will work with our trusted sub-contractors to work out a solution for you. We liaise with Watercare, Council inspectors, Engineers and Geotechnical engineers, or other specialty contractors to complete the job successfully, on-time to obtain your CCC.